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Installing kosmosfs

  1. Download lastest kosmosfs source code. ( )
  2. yum install boost cmake log4cpp xfsprogs-devel
  3. Extract kfs tar.gz file
  4. Go into extract source folder.
  5. mkdir build; cd build; cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo $PWD/..
  6. gmake
  7. gmake install
  8. Enable password less root login from current system to all other nodes
  9. Login as root
  10. Go to folder '/home/saurabh/Desktop/kfs-0.5/scripts'
  11. Create file 'my_machines.cfg' with contents like:
    [metaserver]<yambe:breadcrumb self="KosmosFS">Filesystem or partition tools|Filesystem or partition tools</yambe:breadcrumb>
    node: lab320-pc9
    clusterkey: kfs-test-cluster
    rundir: /opt/kfs/meta
    baseport: 20000
    backup_path: dev105:/opt/kfs/meta_bkup
    loglevel: INFO
    numservers: 2
    rundir: /opt/kfs/chunk
    chunkDir: /opt/kfs/chunk/bin/kfschunk1 /opt/kfs/chunk/bin/kfschunk2
    baseport: 30000
    space: 2 G
    loglevel: INFO
  12. Enter proper IP address of node names labpc7, lab320-pc9, lab320-pc10 etc. in /etc/hosts
  13. Verify that password less root ssh to all other machines via name is working. Also accept ssh keys during this process.
  14. Create file machines.txt with IP addresses of all chunkserver machines, like
  15. Create file named 'all-machines.txt' which IPs of all machines on which chunkserver should be running. For example:
    This file should exist on all systems after setup.
  16. Follow all above steps on all servers (metaservers + chunkservers)
  17. Use command 'python -f my_machines.cfg -m machines.txt -b ../build -w ../webui' to setup all other machines for kfs
  18. Use command 'python -f my_machines.cfg -m machines.txt -s' to launch all kfs servers
  19. Go to folder 'build/bin/tools' and use command './kfsping -m -s lab320-pc9 -p 20000' where 'lab320-pc9' is name of metaserver and 20000 is metaserver port.
  20. One can also visit page 'http://lab320-pc9:20050/cluster-view' to see which nodes are started and which are not running.

Most of above instructions are learned from