Adding ethernet interface to openVZ container

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Adding ethernet interface (eth0, eth1, etc.) to container

Enable auto adding of interface to bridge on container start

Enable automated addition of create interface to bridge using:

echo 'EXTERNAL_SCRIPT="/usr/sbin/vznetaddbr"' >> /etc/vz/vznet.conf

which basically adds 'EXTERNAL_SCRIPT="/usr/sbin/vznetaddbr"' to /etc/vz/vznet.conf

Add ethernet interface to bridge

To add ethernet interface to a container use command:

vzctl set <CID> --netif_add <ifname>,,,,<bridge-name> --save

where <ifname> can be eth0, eth1 etc. and <bridge-name> is the name of bridge on base machine where interface should be added. The three omitted parameters are mac_address in container, device name on base machine and mac address on base machine respectively. If these parameters are omitted as shown above then the get reasonable defaults.

To configure static IPs for container using interface, say eth0, use following configuration as '/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0'

IPADDR=<IP address>
GATEWAY=<Default Gateway>
DNS1=<Local recursive DNS IP>