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VxRail initialization steps

To initialize or build a VxRail cluster use:

  1. In Linux use chrome to open wizard at and do the following is the fixed IP for web interface for building VxRail in new VxRail nodes.
  2. DNS should resolve all the FQDN mentioned to the IPs mentioned.
  3. The 4G interfaces of below nodes should already be in trunk with mentioned VLANs eg 0 (Untagged - Could be physical VLAN 10), 11 (vSAN), 12 (vMotion), 13 (Server VMs), etc.
    Must allow VLAN 3939 between hosts for VxRail node disovery
  4. Let 4 nodes get detected and then proceed
  5. Choose option for step-by-step deployment
  6. Initial setup parameters are (Many values below are for example):
    • System
      • Globals
        NTP servers
        *Leave blank intentionally, even if you have one*
        NIC profile
      • Networks - Top Level Domain
    • ESXi Hosts
      • Host names
        Prefix - esxi
        Separator - None
        Iterator - 0X
        Example -
    • Host IP address
      Starting IP address
      Ending IP address -
    • vCenter Server
      vCenter Server Hostname
      vCenter Server IP address
    • Platform Services Controller
      PSC Hostname ; psc
      PSC IP address
      PSC Site Name - EXAMPLE
    • VxRail manager
      VxRail manager hostname
      VxRail manager IP address
    • Networking
      Subnet mask
      Management network VLAN ID
      DNS -
    • vSphere vMotion
      Start IP address
      End IP address
      VLAN ID - 12
    • vSAN
      Start IP address
      End IP address
      VLAN ID
    • VM Networks
      Server VMs - VLAN ID:13
    • Solutions
      • Logging
        Select logging
        vRealize log insight
        IP address
    • Virtual appliance accounts
      vCenter Server management account username
      vCenter Server management password
      VxRail service account username
      VxRail service account password
      ESXi root password
      ESXi Management username
      ESXi Management password
  7. Validate
  8. Download JSON
  9. Configure laptop with main IP such that it can reach networks which are mentioned in VxRail build configuration. Add additional IP in to reach
  10. Ping
  11. Ping (It should resolve IP and not ping)
  12. Build VxRail
  13. https://<vxrail-ip>/data/configuration/log will have the logs. They might have some information in case build fails.


  • Dell VxRail appliance administration guide


Password complexity

This is absolutely critical as it leads to considerable time waste in again Factory reset of all nodes and is also not obvious / easy to troubleshoot

If password complexity is not correct then VxRail accepts passwords during Wizards and then fails during build process with errors such as:

An internal error occurred.  Failed to add exception accounts for hosts

Failed to create vCenter management account vcentermgmt.  Please pick a password that is in compliance with vCenter password policy and try again.

For proper password complexity rules Refer

NTP related build failures

First build failed at step 16/75 with error "Peforming vCenter Server first boot configuration". As per tried to rebuild without giving any ntp address

Default ESXi root credentials for new VxRail nodes

Default account for VxRail ESXi root account

Default ESXi account


Home > VMWare platform > VxRail > Build VxRail 4.7