CentOS 7.x Restrict senders for distribution list in Zimbra

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CentOS 7.x restrict senders for distribution list in Zimbra

Enable Milter

Enable Zimbra milter using:

  1. Login to Zimbra Admin
  2. Go to Configure
  3. Select Global Settings
  4. Select MTA.
  5. Click on Enable milter
  6. Restart milter services from CLI
    su - zimbra
    zmmilterctl restart
    zmmilterctl status

Set the owner to distribution list

Set the owner of distribution list using:

  1. In Zimbra admin panel
  2. create/select existing distribution list
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select Owner
  5. Enter owner email id
  6. Click Save

Configure sender restrictions for distribution list

Restrict senders for a selected distribution list using:

  1. Please login to webmail the owner of distribution list
  2. Go to Contacts menu
  3. Select Distribution Lists
  4. Right click on Distribution list and select Edit Distribution List
  5. Go to Distribution List Properties menu and configure who users can send to DL
    1. Select "Only these users can send to this list"
    2. Enter email ids in the box
      Ex. user1@mail.example.com; user2@mail.example.com
  6. Save & Close
  7. Please try to send email to distribution list to ensure restriction have worked.


<yambe:breadcrumb>CentOS_7.x_Zimbra_configuration|CentOS 7.x Zimbra configuration</yambe:breadcrumb>