Configure MSSQL events database server

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MS SQL server installation

To setup MS SQL server use:

  1. Run SQLEXPR installer
  2. Choose "New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation"
  3. In popup window, accept the license, click next
  4. Choose "Use Microsoft update to check for updates(recommended)", click next
  5. In feature selection page, leave default settings, click next
  6. In Instance configuration page, change the instance name, click next Ex: eventsdb
  7. In Server Configuration page, click next
  8. Choose Mixed Mode(SQL Server authentication and windows authentication)
    1. Enter password
    2. Click Next
  9. Choose Close on Complete page.

SQL server Management Studio installation

  1. Run SSMS-Setup-ENU
  2. Choose Install on welcome page
  3. Choose close on setup completed page
  4. Start SQL server Management studio
    Server type
    Database Engine
    Server name
    Choose Windows Authentication or SQL server Authentication.
    Click Connect
  5. In the Object Explorer, right-click Databases, and select New Database from the submenu.
  6. Name the database and click OK. Ex: EventsDB
  7. To create a login so that the Connection Server can access the database to log events, expand the Security folder, right-click Logins, and select New Login.
  8. Complete the General Settings page, as follows:
    1. Login name HorizonDBUser
    2. Select SQL Server authentication, and create a password.
    3. De-select Enforce password policy.
    4. Default database: EventsDB
  9. From Server Roles tab, select the sysadmin check box
  10. From User Mapping tab, Select the check box for the EventsDB database. click OK.
  11. The login user is added in the Object Explorer pane,
    1. Databases > HorizonEvents > Security > Users folder
    2. Security > Logins folder

Configure TCP/IP Properties for the Database Server

  1. Start SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration
  3. select Protocols for <server name>
  4. From right pane, right-click TCP/IP, and select Properties.
  5. In the popup window,
  6. On the protocol tab, Enabled set to Yes
  7. On the IP Addresses tab,
  8. In IPAll section, set the TCP port to 1433
  9. click OK
  10. Restart the SQL Server
  11. Open services.msc
  12. Right click on SQL Server and select Restart

Configure the Events Database in the Horizon Console

  1. Open Horizon Console, https://<connection-server-fqdn>/admin
  2. Go to Settings > Event Configuration.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. In the pop window
    1. Database Server – FQDN
    2. Datebase Type – Microsoft SQL Server.
    3. Port – 1433
    4. Database Name – HorizonEvents
    5. User name - HorizonDBUser
    6. Password –
    7. Table Prefix – Enter VE_ (for View Events)
    8. Click Ok

Home > VMWare platform > VMWare Horizon > Configure MSSQL events database server