Installing openVZ on Cent OS

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Installing openVZ on CentOS

Installation steps have been learned from

Following steps can be used to install openVZ on CentOS machine:

  1. Download openvz.repo file from
  2. mv openvz.repo /etc/yum.repos.d
  3. yum install vzkernel.x86_64 ovzkernel.x86_64 vzctl.x86_64 vzquota.x86_64 ploop
  4. Disable SELinux
  5. Enable forwarding of packets in iptables firewall
  6. Enable packet forwardng in /etc/sysctl.conf (net.ipv4.ip_forward=1)
  7. Create a folder where you want to store openVZ related stuff. Create symbolic link of choosen folder as /vz.
  8. Download templates from to '/vz/template/cache.
  9. Optionally Edit file '/etc/grub.conf' and change title of kernel with word stab in it to openVZ. Remove all parameters passed to this kernel except "ro root=...". The setup works better without doing this as it does not leads to printing of too many messages during boot.
  10. Edit or create '/etc/vz/vznet.conf' and write following line in it:
  11. Edit '/etc/vz/vz.conf' and set 'VE_LAYOUT=simfs'
  12. Edit '/etc/modprobe.d/openvz.conf' so that it has
    options nf_conntrack ip_conntrack_disable_ve0=0
  13. Edit '/etc/vz/conf/ve-vswap-256m.conf-sample' to change value of NETFILER to
  14. Reboot into openVZ kernel

Note that container filesystems get stored in /vz/private/<container_id>