Obtain India Jio 4G network APN settings

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Note that if data is working but calls are not working perhaps the handset does not support VoLTE (Voice over LTE, LTE=4G)

Reset APN or network settings

Best option is to Reset APN settings or reset network settings. After this restarting and try to connect to network should automatically create "Jio 4G" (jionet) APN. This APN works with IPv4/IPv6 and different APN type (default,supl,xcap) then specified later on. This allows correct detection of MCC (Eg 405) and MNC (Eg863) values.

Fixed settings

Other option is to try following fixed settings (case sensitive):

Jio 4G
APN type
APN protocol
APN roaming protocl

Leave everything else either blank or default

Refer: https://jio.apnsettings.io/en/htc-desire-830

Home > Android > Obtain India 4G network APN settings