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Home > CentOS > CentOS 6.x > Web based tools or applications > Moodle configuration > Configure LDAP based authentication for moodle
Home > CentOS > CentOS 6.x > LDAP servers > Configure LDAP based authentication for moodle

Configuring LDAP based authentication for moodle

  1. yum -y install php-ldap
  2. service httpd reload
  3. Login as moodle administrator
  4. Go to Advanced features -> Plugins -> Authentication -> Manage authentication -> LDAP server
  5. Enter LDAP server URL
  6. Select "Yes" for hide password
  7. Choose "posixAccount" as UserType
  8. Enter "basedn" in contexts
  9. Search subcontexts - "Yes"
  10. User attribute - uid
  11. Member attribute - memberuid
  12. Member attribute uses dn - 0
  13. Use standard page for changing password - "Yes"
  14. Password-format "Sha1-hash"
  15. Field attributes:
    First name 
    Sur name 
    Phone number 
  16. Click on 'Enable' column in front of LDAP server. Increase 'LDAP server' priority in comparison to 'Email server'.
  17. Log out and login as LDAP user to confirm