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Configure new HP 2530 switch

Important points related to configuring and using new HP 2530 switch are:

  1. Switch comes with two different types of console connection options: Console port and USB. Normal USB data cable that can be used to connect to mobiles can be connected to connect to switch.
  2. If one connects through USB port the name of the device would be /dev/ttyACM0. If connection is through USB to serial convertor than device name can be /dev/ttyUSB0. In either case last few lines of dmesg output should help in finding the device name.
  3. The connection can be made at any speed between 2400 and 115200 with 8N1 (8 data, 1 stop, no parity). The best results have been obtained with 115200. The switch is supposed to detect speed automatically. Press 'Enter' twice to see if the connection is working. Sometimes rebooting switch or disconnecting cable and connecting it again makes things work.
  4. The switch supports both menu and cli. Two switch from cli to menu one can use menu command.  ? based auto-fill works on cli. To switch from menu to cli one can choose corresponding menu option.
  5. To start using the switch set passwords for manager and operator. Also configure IP and gateway. Note that choice of admin username is 'manager' and a basic user is 'operator'. One would have to use 'manager' username on cli while logging in with correct password to get access. Switch also has web interface which also requires username manager and administrative password.

Home > Switch configuration > Configure new HP 2530 switch