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To transfer file using public links with file storage till required (eg permanent) use one of the below:

Google drive ( 
Up to 15 GB space.
Box ( 
Up to 10GB storage.
Microsoft one drive ( 
Up to 5 GB storage for Indian nationals. With payment of around 7$ per month there is option to use Office 365 with 1000GB space.
Dropbox ( 
Up to 2GB storage.

For sharing or transfer such that after a period (typically 7 days) the file is automatically deleted use:

Pcloud ( ) 
Up to 5 GB size files can be sent
Wetransfer ( 
Up to 2GB size files can be sent

Other option is to setup personal file sharing using tools such as CentOS 7.x owncloud on AWS lightsail instance and share up to desired file size via public link. If public link is not required, simple WinSCP / SFTP transfer to the lightsail VM can be used for file transfer.