VxRail RASR SD card reset using RASR ISO

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If reset of node via SD Card as explained at Factory reset VxRail 4.7 server is not working then we can try reimaging the SD card itself using:

RASR Reset using RASR ISO

  1. In Web browser, open iDRAC web UI and launch virtual console.
  2. In the Virtual Console window, click Virtual Media tab and select Connect Virtual Media.
  3. Select Virtual Media again, and then select Map CD/DVD.
  4. The Virtual Media pop-up opens. Click Browse to open file explorer. Select the RASR ISO file and click Open, and then click Map Device.
  5. After mapping the RASR ISO, select Virtual Media to confirm that the ISO is mapped.
  6. Click Next Boot and select Virtual CD/DVD/ISO.
  7. Click Next Boot to confirm Virtual CD/DVD/ISO has been selected.
  8. Click Power and select Reset System (warm boot).
  9. Click Yes to continue and reboot the system to the RASR Update Utility menu.
  10. Type R to select RASR Reset, and then type Y to continue.
  11. The RASR Reset process begins. Monitor the progress until completion. This portion of the process will take approximately 30 minutes.
  12. RASR reset completes and displays the message Factory install Prototype (FIP) successfully completed. Press Enter to continue and to go back to the RASR Update Utility menu.

Install DUPs from Internal SD

  1. After completing RASR reset through ISO, disconnect virtual media by selecting Virtual Media and then Disconnect Virtual Media.
  2. From the RASR Main menu, Type Q to quit and Y to reboot.
  3. During boot, press F11 to enter Boot Manager.
  4. Select One-shot UEFI Boot Menu & Select Internal SD: RASRTOOL.
  5. At the VxRail RASR Menu, type 99 and then press Enter. The VxRail RASR Support Menu will open.
  6. Type I to select Install (DUP(s) and press Enter.
  7. Type U to select Upgrade from the Support menu and press Enter.
  8. Type R to select Rolling DUP(s) Upgrade and press Enter.
  9. The DUP upgrades will begin. The system will automatically reboot after each DUP is installed.
  10. After each reboot, the system will return to the SD Card and perform the remaining DUPs Update.
  11. Note: If the system does not automatically boot into the BIOS Boot Menu, manually reboot the node and select F11 during boot to enter the BIOS Boot Manager. Choose one-shot UEFI boot menu and select Internal SD:RASRTOOL to boot.
  12. After selecting Internal SD:RASRTOOL, the DUP upgrade process will continue with Rolling DUP Update Detected message.

Factory reset through Internal SD

  1. Reboot node via One shot UEFI menu and select SD-Card
  2. Type F to do Factory Reset and type Y to continue.
  3. Ensure that all external storage devices are disconnected correctly to prevent the potential risksof data corruption. If yes, type Disconnected to continue. Press any key to exit Factory Reset.
  4. Factory Reset completes and displays message Factory install Prototype (FIP) successfully completed. Press Enter to continue and return to RASR Update Utility menu.
  5. Enter Q to quit and Yes to reboot the system.
  6. The node boots into the ESXi Installer. The factory reset is completed once the ESXi screen Installation Status reports VxRAIL Appliance Installation Successfully Completed. This automated reset process will take approximately one hour to complete with multiple reboots.
    Note: If you are upgrading the RASR image for an entire cluster, repeat this procedure for each node in the cluster.

Home > VMWare platform > VxRail > VxRail RASR SD card reset using RASR ISO