Configure NTP client on AIX

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To configure NTP client on AIX use:

  1. Assuming DNS is working or configured as per Configure DNS via resolv.conf on AIX. We should be able to ping the desired ntp servers such as or via DNS.
  2. Synchornize time with suitable NTP server
    ntpdate -d ip.address.of.server
    For example
    ntpdate -d
    Note that this will change current time on AIX system immediately. If there is a DB / app running perhaps this should be done during downtime after taking adequate precautions.
  3. Validate date and time are corrected
  4. Edit /etc/ntp.conf file to make following changes
    1. Comment out 'broadcastclient' line
    2. Mention name of servers such as below example:
  5. Start ntp service for current boot using:
    startsrc -s xntpd
  6. Configure NTP to automatically start on machine reboot by editing '/etc/rc.tcpip' and uncomment
    start /usr/sbin/xntpd "$src_running"
  7. Verify ntp is working as expected using:
    lssrc -ls xntpd
    ntpq -p


Home > VOIS or AIX > Configure NTP client on AIX